Established in 2018, Syko Project was founded on the basis of sustainability by all means of the term. We are aiming to supply our diversified audience and partners with an array of timeless styles and statement designs that can be admired for their encapsulated uniqueness among trends. With slow fashion on the rise, the revival of cultural traditions within the production process are the backbone to providing modernized clothing created by local clothing industries that are fit for the future.

As we explore sustainability through the selection of our fabrics, production, and packaging, it is our aspiration to resource locally in Palestine. Although our heritage clothing followed a sustainable mindset, the research and knowledge collected at Syko Project revealed the limited options of sustainable materials truly available within the Palestinian production infastructure which we desire to develop. In regards to ecological principles and social causes, the high-end viability, tailored minimalism, as well as the narrative behind every fabric and stitch of these products translate the thousands of sentiments we intend to deliver.